Zinc mold

Zinc casting (GdZn Al4Cu1) is a special material which is at a relatively low temperature (420 ° c) is therefore relatively high pressure becuase of the thin walls can be kiönthetőek, mostly completely finished product fall out of the zinc coating by casting dekoratívabbá choaches can be different in both painting and galvanic process

Our company has many years of experience of gyümölcsöztetve to the point of high-quality zinc foundry tools.

Why should you hire our firm, please?

  • For more than 25 years to create zinc foundry tools.
  • Because the tools are also prepared with the involvement of subcontractors.
  • Because all this guarantee.
  • Because zinc casting feature in time.
  • Because each one hand principle fulfilled.

Zinc foundry tool highly trained professional guard. In many cases, the process prevents the client consultation. Zinc foundry tool behind our shoulders is the guarantee of CNC machinery and the many years of professional experience.

Zinc öntőszerszám