Tool manufacturing

Our company was started in 1989 with a traditional single-run machines.

However, the time change, it had to come to the need of the customers is increasingly on the rise, so the enterprise 7 pers. This Court has been able to guarantee the production of the more complex tools.

The szerszámgyártáshoz long experience is required, which must be continually trained and incorporate the existing innovations.

Colleagues with a special approach to our clients ' request, carefully assess, more professional advising them, and if necessary correct the deficiencies, and more good advice to share, call to the attention of the customer.

Quality of work-quality technical background is required. The tools are in 2D, 3D design. This planning process is usually carried out using ProEngineer Wildfire. The szerszámgyártásához provided by the client or the 2D drawing, 3D is based on the testmodell server.

Why choose our company if you want to get the perfect szerszámgyártást?

  • For our company the tools for our clients in the promised deadlines is the most important
  • We work with professional design programs in order to create the perfect tools for our customers
  • Our fleet is constantly modernising, that guarantees the exact quality tools.
  • Our clients ' unique needs, and we'll try to satisfy.
  • Szerszámainkra guarantee, if we are to realize our customers ' problems are immediately available.
  • Our staff has many years of professional knowledge, constantly participate in refresher courses, which are even more secure and guarantee the quality of szerszámgyártást.
tool manufacturing