Die mold

The pressure to create a special öntőszerszám process it is difficult to find a reliable company who requests the customers needs and takes fully into account. The Muhamad Faiez Tool Ltd. However, to guarantee that these unique processes, they can be in their businesses.

The pressure die are made of special technology, since the weight of castings can reach up to several kilograms. The pressure die mainly of low melting point metals and alloys, such as aluminium, zinc, or lead is used in casting products. The Muhamad Faiez Tool Ltd. öntőszerszám, primarily zinc (zinc die) and aluminium moulding tool making deals as we know the casting is that the professionals have developed a cavity, which is the inverse of the workpiece, the material into the cavity to reduce a high pressure into onslaught, and then leaving it to splatter the moulding tool megdermedni. Upon request, our subcontractors of manufacture of the parts involving also know.

More reasons to why Muhamad Faiez Tool Ltd. to turn to if you want to die öntőszerszámot future:

  • For more than 25 years, our company produces die-casting tools, so we have gained great experience.
  • accurate work is characterized by the die-öntőszerszám-making processes
  • the most important thing for us is that the customer is satisfied with the part assigned to it and its szerszámával.
  • long years ago, so we can be sure the market remain of particular concern to fully guarantee the best quality for our customers

Can You Please come to us, we can measure up to the needs of more thoroughly and ask for our offer!

Die öntőszerszám