Aluminum mold

What you need to know about the combining?

The silvery material and alloys used in large quantities in industry for small density and favorable due to mechanical sajátságaik. Has the following positive features: soft, cut the aluminium is a silvery gray, könnyűfémmé, powder, whether or not broken.

Our company has more than 25 years produce moulding tools. Initially it was only our family but now has kibővültünk, so the demand is demanded. For us the key to our clients we serve, exactly on time.

Always consider the needs of the customer and, accordingly, made of aluminium öntőszerszámainkat.

Why our company is a special implementation of the aluminium die?

  • Because the company made aluminum injection moulding moulding tools, despite the high strain multiples warranty period stand out.
  • Two identical aluminum öntőszerszám is rare in our company.
  • The needs of our customers, we follow exactly or even if necessary, we can also provide advice.
  • You can also, if necessary, because the components are manufactured.
  • Öntőszerszámaink of high quality aluminum.
  • Our staff participate in continuing professional training courses, in the hopes of even better acquire aluminum die, and this for the benefit of the tool.
  • The casting is an extremely advanced workflow, is that the process must be a properly constructed aluminum high pressure injection molding cavity. The aluminum so the shape of the cavity, which after a short time freezes.

We are waiting for your call, since we would like to also provide perfect tools as soon as possible!

Aluminum öntőszerszám